Community paramedicine expands in BC

Submitted by BC Emergency Health Services Community Paramedicine Initiative In late April, Health Minister Terry Lake announced the initial 73 rural and remote communities that will welcome community paramedicine, a program offering BC residents enhanced health services and paramedics more opportunities to provide patient care. Under this program, paramedics will … Continue reading

RCCbc’s Rural Obstetrics Network – collaboratively improving rural maternity care

Dr. Jeanette Boyd, Lead, Rural Obstetrics Network, with Dr. Robert Woollard of the Provincial Rural CPD Collaborative. The Rural Obstetrics Network is a forum where BC’s rural maternity care providers can come together to brainstorm ideas, share resources and knowledge, and find ways to improve the delivery of obstetrical health … Continue reading

“I’ve never heard of you” – what does RCCbc do, exactly?

RCCbc engages directly with health care practitioners, rural communities, health authorities and policymakers We hear the same question every time we introduce ourselves: “RCCbc? Never heard of you. What do you do?” In the broadest sense, RCCbc coordinates existing rural health resources, information and services. We identify overlaps and gaps … Continue reading