Rural Research Roundup

Newly Published Rural Health Research & Resources  Supporting consulting paediatrics in rural, remote, or vulnerable communities in British Columbia: Time for national collaboration Authors: Drs. Kirsten Miller, Alexander Benny, and Jennifer Retallack Journal: Paediatrics and Child Health Details: Distributed education enables distributed economic impact: the economic contribution of the … Continue reading

Handheld Ultrasound Devices Delivering Faster, More Accurate Diagnoses for Rural BC Patients 

Point-of-care ultrasound supercluster project equips 50 rural physicians with handheld ultrasounds & training, begins development of artificial intelligence database In the early days of the pandemic, a patient with fever and shortness of breath entered Kootenay Lake Hospital’s isolation zone in Nelson, British Columbia (BC). Dr. Kevin Fairbairn, the family/emergency … Continue reading

Rural Research

Newly Published Research & Calls for Research Participants Chapter Series Examines Adaptation Strategies for Rural Communities & Health Services in Face of Climate Change With record-breaking heat waves scorching most of British Columbia, and one of the most highly active and destructive wildfire seasons on record, climate change is on … Continue reading