Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) and Continuing Professional Development (RCPD) are key components in the ongoing training of family physicians and other health professionals. In rural BC, there are several options for RCME and RCPD available to practitioners.

RCCbc provides an Educational Calendar which tracks most accredited course offerings in BC. If you are looking for an in-person course to attend or an online offering, check out the calendar to see what is available near you.

UBC RCPD offers several courses, including a Specialists Journal Club and videoconferenced Rural Rounds.

In-community Courses

If your health care team is looking for an interprofessional and interactive skills-based course that will travel to your community, consider inviting The CARE Course and/or one of the many courses offered by UBC Rural CPD to your medical facility. Courses offer team-oriented, acute care skills training that engage and encourage physicians, nurses and paramedics to work interprofessionally to address patient needs.

UBC Rural CPD also offers several courses which may be delivered through a combination of in-person visits and videoconferencing. Visit their web site for more information.