Rural Research Opportunities Abound

If there’s a fifth season in British Columbia, one might be compelled to call it “Research” because, right now, there are several opportunities for rural health providers and patients to engage in research lectures, grants, or studies. At RCCbc, we know it’s critically important to create rural research—and for rural … Continue reading

Innovative E-Coaching Enables Revelstoke FPAs to Standardize Adductor Canal Block Technique

New innovations in virtual coaching recently brought University of British Columbia (UBC) anesthesiologists at St. Paul’s Hospital/Providence Health Care in Vancouver directly into the operating room (OR) of Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) in Revelstoke. Videoconference and ultrasound technology in the OR enabled the specialists to provide e-coaching to four Revelstoke-based family practice anesthetists (FPAs) on adductor canal blocks for patients receiving anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. The regional anesthesia technique reduces post-operative pain for patients.  … Continue reading

“Like Calling a Friend”: Rural Healthcare Providers Encouraged to Use Real-Time Virtual Supports

When a woman going into cardiac arrest presented to a rural health centre with a massive overdose of beta blockers, the attending physician immediately contacted ROSe, a Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) pathway for critical care. For the next hour, the ROSe virtual physician provided advice to help the attending physician manage the … Continue reading

“Stitching Together” through the Pandemic: Community of Rossland Provides #Masks4All Citizens

As COVID-19 started knocking on BC’s door last Spring, the rural community of Rossland banded together to keep it out. Residents started #Masks4All Rossland, a grassroots campaign to promote mask wearing to protect one another—and to provide residents, particularly vulnerable seniors, with cloth masks. The campaign truly took a village. Spearheaded … Continue reading