New Network is “SPRuCe-ing Up” Connections Between Pediatric Providers

Networks can be mighty powerful. Author Michele Jennae wrote that they “…connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” And that is exactly what a new network for pediatric providers—“Sustainable Pediatric Rural Care” (SPRuCe)—aims to do in British Columbia (BC). 

The SPRuCe network, being developed by Drs. Kirsten Miller and Jenny Retallack, is connecting community pediatric providers, such as pediatricians, family physicians and nurse practitioners, who have similar work environments and a shared interest in supporting and sustaining excellence in pediatric care in rural and remote BC. The network is also open to pediatric providers who do not live in rural communities, but have interest in rural medicine.  

“Pediatric providers from all areas of our province have so much information, knowledge and support to offer each other, but a formalized infrastructure to link them hadn’t yet been established,” explained Dr. Miller. “SPRuCe allows for these connections to be made—for bridges to be built. We hope that this will enhance a sense of belonging for pediatric providers across the province and help improve quality of care and safety for our patients.” 

To do this, SPRuCe will develop strong inter-regional relationships between pediatric providers so they can share information and access peer support. The network will also facilitate the development and implementation of strategies that ensure high-quality, sustainable pediatric care is available to all children, youth and families in rural and remote BC.  

To kick the network off, SPRuCe is offering a free four-part MOC-accredited virtual CME series for pediatric providers, which begins on December 2 and covers the following topics:  

  • Part 1: Introduction to SPRuCe
    Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 7:30-9pm PST 
  • Part 2: Available Government Programs that Support Pediatric Care
    Thursday, January 21, 2021, 7:30-9pm PST 
  • Part 3: Details Regarding Alternative Models of Service
    Date TBA
  • Part 4: Application of Alternative Models of Service in Your Community
    Date TBA

To join SPRuCe and sign up for its CME series, pediatric care providers can visit its webpage or email the SPRuCe team.