RHSRNbc 2018 Symposium Proceedings now available

Submitted by RHSRNbc 

The proceedings from the 2018 research symposium hosted by the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc) are now available for download.

The symposium proceedings document captures the questions and ideas generated through the discussions held at the Rural Emergency Services Research Symposium in June 2018. The synopsis of the thematic discussions is based on three main focus areas: the current capacity and support for rural emergency services, the need for a change of the current state, and the main barriers impeding the best rural emergency care. 

“The RHSRNbc in partnership with the BC Emergency Medicine Network and the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) are delighted to distribute the research agenda for rural emergency care generated at the symposium held in June 2018,” says Dr. Stefan Grzybowski, director of RHSRNbc. “The themes, questions, and conditions that evolved from the work done at the meeting are a reflection of the work that needs to be done to strengthen rural emergency care. Thank you to all the participants.”