Share your stories at the Rural Patient Transport Open Sessions

Photo: John Pawlovich

Dr. Trina Larsen Soles, RCCbc’s Lead for Patient Transport, invites any interested rural physicians to a recurring open session for discussions of Rural Patient Transport every second Tuesday, beginning August 18. The sessions will be moderated by Dr. Jel Coward – Dr. Larsen-Soles and other Transport leaders will be available to meet with interested rural physicians and others wishing to share stories or discuss issues.  

“We’ve heard from many rural physicians that they would like a mechanism to provide feedback and share their experiences with patient transport,” said Dr. Larsen-Soles. “We’re providing a safe and supportive venue for discussions where people can tell us their stories and talk about their communities’ needs, which will allow us to better represent the rural perspective at provincial Transport tables.” 

Anyone interested can join the meeting every second Tuesday afternoon at 4:15 pm. The first meeting is scheduled for August 18. Connection information can be found below. 

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Toll-free backup: 1-855-703-8985,,6211662632# 

Meeting ID: 621-166-2632 

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