Training and technical support available for Zoom healthcare license holders

If you’re a family physician or nurse practitioner looking for advice or ideas about best practices for integrating virtual patient visits into your regular in-person clinic schedule, join us for an online Zoom Basics training session on June 2 at 11:00 am. This 90 minute session includes a 60 minute live walkthrough of Zoom’s user tools, followed by a 30 minute Q+A session. Sign in using this link: 

Dave Harris, Technical Lead for the Northern Interior Rural Division of Family Practice, is co-leading this session with RCCbc Project Coordinator, Tom Skinner. The online training covers the basics of your Zoom healthcare account, including how to find and add contacts, admitting patients into and removing people from your online virtual waiting room, and tips for working with your office staff to schedule virtual appointments in with your in-person patient visits. Additionally, Dave and Tom review the Real Time Virtual Support Pathways and demonstrate how providers can access services like RUDi and ROSe for a peer-to-peer consult with rural-friendly generalists and specialists who understand the context of your community practice. 

“This training session familiarizes participants with in-meeting Zoom controls, customizing your Zoom environment to preserve your privacy so patients don’t see your private email address, as well as some best practices approaches that you and your office staff should consider when booking virtual patients into your clinic’s workflow,” says Harris.  

Have a Zoom question? 

If you are not able to attend the June 2 training session and have questions about using your Zoom account, or connecting with one of the Real Time Virtual Support pathways, send an email to and an RCCbc staff member will connect with you to help you with your Zoom questions.  

Please note that this service is not able to provide technical support if Zoom is not working. To access technical support, visit the official Zoom support web site or call 1.888.799.9666 ext 2.  

What are RUDi and ROSe? 

RUDi (Rural Urgent Doctors In-need) and ROSe (Rural Outreach Support) are two Real-Time Virtual Support services available to BC rural healthcare providers. If you are a rural and remote nurse, a rural family physician, rural family practice resident, or a nurse practitioner looking for advice or a consult from an experienced rural generalist or emergency medicine specialist, you can access RUDi through Zoom. Someone is available to answer your call 24/7, and they are on call just for you – the RUDi doc will not be seeing their own patients during their shift so you can have their undivided attention. 

If you have a case that would benefit from a consult or conversation with a specialist, ROSe is available 24/7 by Zoom and by phone at 1-888-918-0626. The intensivists (critical care specialists) are friendly, understand your rural context, and are there to help you explore how to best support you and your patient, whether the case is urgent or non-urgent, acute or chronic.  

If you have a Zoom account from RCCbc, RUDi and ROSe are automatically included in your contact list. To access RUDi and ROSe through a Zoom account provided by your Health Authority, visit the RCCbc Real Time Virtual Support web page, scroll down to find the contact email addresses for these and other virtual care pathways, and add these addresses to the contact list for your individual Zoom account 

More Real Time Virtual Support pathways are coming! Keep an eye out in RCCbc’s eNewsletter, BC Rural Update or check the RTVS web page for announcements.