Care Transplant: Moving city home care of frailty into a semi-rural community

Submitted by the BC Rural Health Network 

BC rural citizens and healthcare providers are invited to attend the second in a series of quarterly presentations hosted by the BC Rural Health Network:

CARE TRANSPLANT: Moving City Home Care of Frailty into a Semi-Rural Community. 

June 9, 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm PDT 

Presented by Dr. John Sloan 

The presentation will be delivered via Zoom. To join this meeting, please email Johanna Trimble by June 8 – she will forward you the access information via email.

Dr. John Sloan is a family physician based in Roberts Creek, BC on the Sunshine Coast. His practice focuses on extending the home care of frail elderly people for as long as possible. He has published several articles and books on healthcare.  

Home ViVE (Visits to Vancouver Elders) is a multidisciplinary primary care program that offers 24/7 medical care in the home for approximately 350 homebound elderly people in the city. When Dr. Sloan moved to Roberts Creek, he attempted to move a ViVE-style medical practice (scaled for semi-retirement) to the Sunshine Coast. In his presentation, he will describe his city-based ViVE practice and contrast it with his Sunshine Coast-based ViVE experiences, which is essentially a solo practice with supports from home care nurses, rehab workers, and local palliative care services. Dr. Sloan will discuss his outreach to Sunshine Coast medical leaders and health administrators to 1) gauge community interest in this model of care, and 2) advocate for funding for a nurse practitioner to support and eventually carry on this work once Dr. Sloan fully retires.  

Dr. Sloan will provide case examples during the presentation to outline the challenges and rewards for this model of care. He’ll also address how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted his practice.