Halfway there! RCME Community Program implemented in 50 of 99 communities

The RCME Community Program team (left to right): Danielle Richey, Heather Gummow, Antoinette Picone, Nicole Hochleitner Wain, and Eva Jackson.

The new RCME Community Program, an initiative of the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC), is now implemented in 50 of 99 eligible communities!  

This exciting new initiative, launched in August 2019, provides funds to eligible RSA communities across BC for collective medical education and/or team-based learning. Physician groups in eligible RSA communities are making local decisions about their preferred models of Community RCME delivery and are working with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC’s (RCCbc) implementation team to build the structures and supports to sustain their model of choice. The new program has seen a number of communities come together in multi-community models to pool their funding and work together to plan, organize and deliver CME.  

This work has been supported through collaboration between the health authorities, the JSC, and RCCbc. RCME Coordinators – who sit within each health authority and report to the JSC via the RCCbc – provide regional management for the RCME Community Program, providing local expertise and leveraging existing local relationships. The RCME coordinators support local communities to implement into the new program, access the new community funding in a smooth and timely fashion, and develop annual budgets, learning plans and education strategies for local groups.   

Coordination of the program at a provincial level is overseen by Heather Gummow, Provincial Manager for the RCME Community Program. Please join us in welcoming the members of the Provincial RCME Community Program Team!  

Clockwise from top left: Nicole Hochleitner Wain, Eva Jackson, Danielle Richey, Antoinette Picone

Nicole Hochleitner Wain, RCME Coordinator – Interior Region 


Eva Jackson, RCME Coordinator – Vancouver Coastal Region


Danielle Richey, RCME Coordinator – Northern Region 


Antoinette Picone, RCME Coordinator – Vancouver Island Region 


Heather Gummow

Heather Gummow, Provincial Manager, RCME Community Program 


What’s next for the RCME Community Program?  


Along with implementing the remaining eligible 49 RSA communities for the 2019-20 RCME Community Program funding, RCCbc is proceeding with the development of SPIFI, an additional source of funding – separate from individual RCME and RCME Community funds. This funding will assist and support specialists, family physicians with sub-specialties, and Indigenous communities to:  

  • focus on RCME that cannot be addressed locally due to the lack of other relevant learners;  
  • increase the capacity to deliver health care services to indigenous communities, through collective learning activities; and 
  • support innovative delivery of, and approaches to community RCME.  

SPIFI will enable groups of physicians to create and participate in networks that are not based on geography to design, plan, develop and take part in innovative education opportunities that are not available in their home community.  Stay tuned for the release of the SPIFI policy and application process in April 2020!  

Provincial RCME Community of Practice 

Are you a local or multi-community RCME administrator in an RSA Community? A Provincial RCME Community of Practice is coming together bi-monthly to share in innovations, build capacity and offer mentorship and resources.  Contact Heather Gummow, Provincial Manager, RCME Community Program at hgummow@RCCbc.ca to join the call!  

If you have any questions about the RCME Community Program, please contact Heather Gummow, Provincial Manager, RCME Community Program at hgummow@RCCbc.ca or check out the information available on the RCCbc website