Rural emergency medicine bloggers wanted

Submitted by BC Emergency Medicine Network

The BC Emergency Medicine Network is seeking rural physician bloggers to share clinical and lifestyle blog posts designed to get readers talking. This is an opportunity to communicate with over 880 of your peers and the public about the realities of rural practice.

The bloggers can choose to write on a variety of subjects, including rural clinical issues, lifestyle, or any topics related to providing emergency care in the rural context.

The blog posts will be publicly accessible, and bloggers will have creative freedom in the style/format of the blog posts (example: interviews, narrative/storytelling, unpacking EM cases, or a combination of styles). 

Ideal candidates

Rural BC EM practitioners who are passionate about emergency medicine and connecting with their peers.


The EM Network will pay $100 per monthly blog post.

Number of openings


Your Role

  • Write one blog post per month on notable clinical or lifestyle topics in the rural context
  • Prompts readers’ thoughts and encourage discussions.
  • Monitor responses to posts on and provide a quick response to questions and comments.
  • Promote the blog to your community via social media, direct email, and/or other channels.
  • Inviting other guest bloggers, experts, or other notable guests to contribute content to the website.

Our Role

BC EM Network staff will help edit, publish, and promote the blog posts on, in the BC EM Network newsletters, and on its social media channels.


Please email Carolyn at and provide a sample of your writing. The application closing date is January 3rd.