New programs available to support rural emergency physicians, IMGs

submitted by UBC CPD

Starting in a rural practice is exciting, but with the initial joy and excitement may come challenges. This passage into practice, especially in the early months, can be eased by formally enhancing or adding support and coaching from your rural peers. UBC’s Division of Rural Continuing Professional Development (UBC RCPD) has recently launched two programs to help provide that support for two groups: any physician starting or returning to a rural emergency practice, and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) transitioning to the rural Canadian healthcare landscape.

These free, structured, supportive programs are available as resources now. Please reach out if you or someone in your community would benefit from either or both programs.


The Peer Coaching stream of the Clinical Coaching for Excellence program supports you as a rural emergency medicine practitioner while you are on shift with backup from a trained peer generalist coach. This is a personal coaching relationship, and the conversations between you will remain completely private. Your coach may be someone local who works in the same ER (in-person coaching) or who provides remote support via video, phone, or text (virtual coaching). Your coach will also check in with you before and after each shift to discuss your overall learning goals and debrief about your experience on-shift.

Supportive One-on-one coaching relationship to help you grow as a rural generalist emergency care provider

Individualized Coaching based on your personal needs, wants, and goals

Context-Specific Coaching tailored to your specific rural practice environment and available resources

  • No cost to participate
  • In-person or virtual coaching
  • Information is not passed to any regulatory bodies
  • Coaches receive an honorarium
  • Certified for up to 75.5 Mainpro+ (1 cr/hr) for coaches and up to 73.5 Mainpro+ (1 cr/hr) for coachees


For more information, please contact Claire Thomson (Program Coordinator) at


This free and personalized program is currently being offered to IMG physicians starting a rural practice to help achieve your practice goals and navigate the complicated CME landscape.

In an initial meeting between yourself, a Peer Advisor, and our Rural Concierge, we will discuss your current challenges, learning needs, and areas of interest to put together a plan for addressing these areas. The Concierge will put the plan together and submit it back to you for your review and approval.

We will then help connect you with the resources and people you’ll need in order to achieve the goals you set and offer ongoing support as you work on your plan. We’ll set up periodic meetings as needed to check in and make sure everything is going well, or adjust the plan as needed.

Safe/Confidential/Non-reporting: Everything discussed in the process of developing and implementing your Personal Learning Plan is kept strictly within the program. Nothing is communicated to a supervisor, College, or Health Authority without your permission. This is not an assessment exercise and participation is completely voluntary.

Learner Driven: Your Peer Advisor and Rural Concierge will never tell you what you need to work on or how to work on it. Everything in the plan is based on your needs and goals.

Collaborative: RCPD is in a unique position as we have access to a huge network of organizations across the province providing quality CME and support to rural physicians. Our aim is to determine the best activities to fit your needs and connect you with those people.

For more information or to set up your initial meeting, please contact Rachel Ho (Rural Concierge) at