Increasing diversity & inclusion among physician leaders at Doctors of BC

Submitted by Doctors of BC

BC doctors are a diverse group comprised of  different genders, nationalities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, ages, practice locations and more. Doctors of BC is embarking upon an extensive member consultation to learn how best to encourage greater diversity and inclusion of physicians within its governing bodies.

Phase one started with a survey sent to Doctors of BC members via email on February 25th, the deadline for responses is midnight on Monday, March 11th. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey. If you did not receive it or have questions, email

The goal of the survey is to understand what barriers may prevent some currently underrepresented groups from participating in Doctors of BC’s governance structures (committees, the RA and the Board), and what supports have enabled participation.    

Encouraging more diversity and inclusion within Doctors of BC’s physician leaders means its governing bodies will better represent all of its members, and will enable the organization to do a better job of strategizing and planning for the future of the whole profession. More information on the diversity and inclusion work and how you can get involved can be found here.