Help shape improvements to the Rural Retention Program (RRP)

by Doug Blackie, Co-lead, Rural Retention Program (RRP) review

The triage/urgent care area of the Gabriola Community Health Centre. Photo: Stuart Johnston

Rural physicians and other health system partners across BC will have an opportunity over the next few months to contribute to the review of the Rural Retention Program (RRP).

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) has been asked by the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) to conduct an extensive review of the RRP that examines how effectively the current program structure is meeting both healthcare system requirements as well as physician expectations. Impacts of the RRP on recruitment and retention will also be explored.

Dr. Ed Marquis and Mr. Doug Blackie are co-leading the review through the RCCbc. Working in collaboration with RCCbc staff, Blackie and Marquis are reaching out to rural and regional physicians, rural communities, health authorities, the Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC and others seeking comments and ideas about how the RRP might be improved. In addition to meeting with Marquis and Blackie, rural physicians may also contribute to the RRP review through two additional channels:

  • Participation in a webinar-based focus group. Seats for three group sessions – scheduled for November 22, December 4, and January 16 – filled very quickly, so RCCbc will be organizing additional webinars to accommodate demand. Information about the new sessions will be sent via email – watch your inbox!
  • Provide feedback via an online survey. This short 15-20 minute survey will be distributed to rural physicians throughout BC via email. It will ask a few questions about your rural practice and allow you to provide input and/or suggestions for improving the RRP – watch your inbox!

Over the next several months, Marquis and Blackie will be making a number of recommendations, identifying resource implications, and suggesting change management strategies to improve the RRP for the benefit of all.

If you would like to connect with Blackie or Marquis to provide feedback on the RRP, please contact Anne Lesack, Project and Research Assistant, RCCbc at 1-877-908-8222 or via email at