Help update RCCbc’s Rural Communities Map!

We’re asking for your help in keeping our Rural Communities Map current!

The Rural Communities Map collects publicly available information about amenities and health care services in most of BC’s Rural Subsidiary Agreement communities. The site is used by medical learners, trainees, medical health organizations, rural residents, and tourists to discover what health care services are available in a particular area of the province. Rural physicians searching for a community to practice in often use the map as one of their first research tools to explore where in the province they would like to settle and practice in.

If you have a few moments, please check the listing for your community to verify that the information is accurate. If you have a new service to add, or if you know that a listed offering is no longer available, or if your community has a new tourism web site that you’d like us to link to, or photos that you’d like us to consider featuring, please contact Sharon Mah, at or call toll-free at 1-877-908-8222.