UBC rural-focused CCFP-EM R3 pilot based in Nanaimo launching August 2018

The UBC CCFP-EM St Paul’s based program is offering a one time, one (1) year re-entry opportunity, in a Nanaimo-based pilot experience from Aug 1, 2018 – Aug 1, 2019. Core rotations will mirror those offered at St. Paul’s, but with an increased rural/ dual practice exposure. Academic sessions will be provided locally and in conjunction with the home program. Successful completion of the year will allow the candidate to write the CCFP-EM qualifying exam.

The successful applicant will be a practicing B.C. physician, having completed a family practice residency in good standing, that has shown interest and commitment to providing care in non-urban settings.

Applicants should be aware that this is a PGY III (R3) Position, with corresponding salary, benefits and expectations in terms of call and service provision.

Interested applicants should send required documents, as outlined on the UBC Enhanced Skills web site, to attention of Dr. Tina Webber at Tina.webber@ubc.ca by May 15. Interviews will be conducted in person or by telephone, with selection by June 1, 2018.