BCALM for Provider Wellness Workshop at BC Rural Health Conference in Nanaimo

Healthcare is an intensive and demanding profession, one that can potentially lead to burnout and compassion fatigue, especially in low-resource communities. While it’s important to look for systemic approaches to reduce and remove the factors that can lead to provider burnout, it’s also critical that physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and patients be individually equipped with the tools to manage the various stressors in their lives.

The BCALM for Provider Wellness Workshop being offered on Friday, May 11 – ahead of the BC Rural Health Conference in Nanaimo – supports individuals in exploring simple mindfulness practices to manage stressors and re-establish balance. The objectives of this workshop include:

  1. understanding the definition, history, and philosophy of mindfulness
  2. understanding the current clinical and neuroscientific evidence of mindfulness in relation to anxiety disorders, depression, chronic pain, and other common clinical conditions
  3. exploring the epidemic of stress in relation to our patients, and in relation to physician burnout and wellness
  4. learning and practicing the application of mindfulness skills such as the body scan, SOBER breathing space, mindfulness meditation on the breath and quick informal tools of mindfulness for use in personal and clinical practice.

The BCALM for Provider Wellness Workshop is certified for 6.0 Mainpro+ credits.

To register for this workshop, download the BC Rural Health Conference brochure and fill out the registration form on P. 7. Or alternatively, register online at: https://ubccpd.ca/course/RHC2018.

For more information about the workshop, visit the BCALM web site.