Additional funds for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) services in rural areas

Submitted by the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues

The Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) have recently implemented The Medical Assistance in Dying Travel and Training Assistance Program (MAiDTTAP). The JSC established the program to recognize and support those physicians who seek to offer MAiD professional skills and services to patients and residents in Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) communities.

MAiDTTAP provides funds to visiting physicians when no local medical practitioner (i.e. physician or nurse practitioner) is available, willing and/or trained to provide the service. All RSA communtities – are eligible for MAiDTTAP supported funding and expense reimbursement.

Funds are for travel time and travel related costs, including lodging, incurred while conducting an eligibility assessment or providing MAiD. MAiDTTAP also compensates local physicians, through a mentorship training payment, for training with a visiting physician in eligibility assessment or the providing MAiD services. For full details about this new policy, please email Tania Webb at