Join the Choices in Practice and Parenthood online discussion group

Running a practice and starting a family can be challenging, especially for medical learners and new to practice rural physicians. Photo: Owen Lin

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) is launching a discussion group as part of the Choices in Practice and Parenting Initiative, led by Drs. Mary Johnston and Kirstie Overhill.  The Discussion Group will provide an online forum for peer support and mentoring on issues related to balancing the needs of practice with the demands of parenting.  Discussion will focus on issues of particular relevance to residents as they prepare to enter medical practice and consider when to begin their families and how to manage their practice. Topics of interest include:

  • issues related to current and prospective families in medical practice (particularly rural practice).
  • questions and advice about starting and raising a family as a physician in a rural practice.
  • anecdotes about innovative and effective approaches to practice and parenting that others might find helpful.
  • articles and other publications regarding parenting in rural communities (preferably evidence-based).
  • systemic challenges to balancing parenting and practice, such as daycare access, physician benefits, and call, and how those might be overcome.
  • notification of opportunities for networking, organization, and education.
  • the costs and benefits of delaying childbirth until later in your career versus having children earlier, and strategies for creating balance and mitigating risk in either decision.
  • parenting through the lens of infertility, same-sex relationships, and non-traditional families.

In addition to the Discussion Group, RCCbc will be exploring how best to convene a Choices in Practice and Parenting Interest Group during the fall. This smaller group will be identifying challenges facing rural physician-parents and pursuing supportive and innovative solutions from several quarters. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Sharon Mah for more information.

We’re look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences and ideas!

To subscribe to the Choices in Practice and Parenting discussion group, contact Sharon Mah ( to be added to the listserv.

For more information about Choices in Practice and Parenting, please visit our website.