Provincial Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee seeking resident, new to practice physician members

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) is looking for two new members to join its Provincial Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee for a 12 month term, beginning in September 2017.

The GPSC’s Call for New Members is open for ONE first or second year UBC family medicine resident, and ONE BC-based family doctor, in the first three years of full service family practice. Prospective committee members should have:

  • knowledge of issues facing residents and new to practice physicians in a community-based practice offering longitudinal, general care.
  • collaborative and diplomatic skills and experience.
  • an understanding of issues for residents and new physicians regarding recruitment, retention, and practice coverage, and an eagerness to make a positive difference for peers across the province.

The Committee is looking for candidates who will ideally add value with practice experience and ideas for:

  • smoothing the transition from residency to practice/new models of care.
  • optimizing medical student pathways to full-service family practice, with a commitment to longitudinal, comprehensive, coordinated care.
  • raising the profile and promoting the benefits of family practice/generalism.
  • strategies and tools in response to identified barriers at the community, regional, or provincial level.

Review the Provincial Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee’s Terms of Reference and Workplan for 2017-18

To apply for this position, please submit the following documents for your application:

  • Brief CV
  • Applicant Information Form
  • Cover letter explaining how you meet the member criteria and your motivation for applying (maximum 2 pages).

Please submit your application to no later than 5pm on Aug 31 2017.

You may direct further questions or request further information about these committee roles directly to