Film documents rural maternity challenges in locales without obstetrical services

The Centre for Rural Health Research (CRHR) has produced a documentary short about the challenges of birthing in rural BC communities without local maternity care. Where was I born, Mama? is a 24 minute film directed by Tamara Wojciechowska that follows the stories of several women who – after celebrating the joy of discovering that they are expecting – face the harsh challenges in accessing prenatal care during their pregnancies, and the uncertainties and expenses involved in birthing “down the road” (or across the lake) far away from their communities.

Film synopsis
In BC alone, more than 1,000 rural women a year must travel more than 100 kilometers to give birth. This causes stress and anxiety and, in some instances, adverse maternal and newborn outcomes. Women who have to travel more than 4 hours have more than a three times higher rate of perinatal mortality. Where was I born, Mama? is a documentary short film produced by the Centre for Rural Health Research to shed light on the implications of the loss of local maternity services for rural women and their families and can be viewed by accessing

This film was commissioned by the CRHR, produced by Dr. Stefan Grzybowski, and directed by Tamara Wojciechowska. Jude Kornelson acted as a consultant for the film.

Watch the full documentary on the CRHR web site

For more information, please contact Dr. Stefan Grzybowski or Jude Kornelsen.