Welcome to Monika Viktorin, RCCbc Project Coordinator

monika-2Official job title:

Project Coordinator

RCCbc projects that you’re working on:

Facilitation of The CARE Course throughout British Columbia’s rural communities, as well as CARE Courses for urban and rural family practice residents in conjunction with The Rural Education Action Plan (REAP) at UBC.

Favourite RCCbc project to date and why?

I very much enjoyed attending RCCbc’s Appreciative Inquiry Workshop to discuss site visits in rural communities throughout BC. It was wonderful to touch base with a multitude of professionals, and collaborate on approaches to rural site visits. I believe this is an integral stepping stone to identify the needs of our rural communities.

I also appreciate getting to know our The CARE Course faculty during off site community visits – it is fascinating to hear their experiences and enjoy a few laughs.

You’re currently finishing academic work at Simon Fraser University (SFU). What’s been the most interesting part of your studies so far and what are you hoping to work towards in your career?

Currently I am in the final stages of an evaluation research project where I conducted interviews with vulnerable youth to determine the impact assessment of a YMCA youth leadership development program. This experience alone has been very eye opening, recognizing the impact and lens that our youth develop at such an early age. In the future I am hoping to pursue a Masters in Health Systems Evaluation and continue working in rural health.

What sparked your interest in health sciences and where are you hoping to go in this field?

During my undergraduate studies at SFU, I was introduced to social determinants of health, health economics, and policy evaluation unexpectedly through the institution’s requirements to explore breadth (non-degree related) courses. During my second trip to rural Africa, I found myself switching my major from kinesiology to health sciences. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a federal research internship in Cape Town, South Africa (SA), an evaluation of SA’s primary health care system, solidifying a need to continue a career path within both rural and health systems.

What are your holiday plans?

I am hoping to either fly down to Calgary to see my family, or enjoy Vancouver’s outdoors with some snowshoeing and snowboarding – perhaps even a Christmas market or two!