Welcome to Gemma McEachern, new RCCbc Admin Assistant

Gemma McEachern, RCCbc’s administrative assistant

Gemma McEachern joined the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) as its Administrative Assistant in June, 2016. She provides administrative support for the Recruitment and Retention sector, Core Meetings, and The CARE Course on-site support. She also directly supports for Dr. Kirstie Overhill and the Physicians Resiliency project.

Favourite RCCbc project to date and why?

Being the official office DJ for our morning staff huddles. I think that there is a lot of value in our morning huddles, and starting the meeting by playing some good, motivational music not only helps wake people up and boost their energy, but helps build a good culture in the office!

You’re currently working on your Masters of Health Administration. What’s been the most interesting part of your studies so far and what are you hoping to work towards in your career?

Having the chance to work with a very diverse group of peers, ranging from physicians and nurses to ethicists and consultants is probably my personal highlight. To participate in engaging and meaningful discussion with professionals from so many levels of health care has provided a very rich learning environment, and I think forces all of us to think in ways that we never had before. I pursued this degree in the hopes of gaining a more in  depth understanding of Canada’s health care system, but to also continue building my skills and experience in order to pursue a career in health care project management.

You’ve mentioned that many members of your family are involved in medicine in one way or another. What’s your interest in the field?

There’s a very long answer to that question, since my interest is multilayered. The short answer is that I think that healthcare is a very unique and interesting field to work in given it is altruistic at its core, but it is also politicized and complex. Looking at the big picture, and seeing how everything in the system feeds into each other fascinates me. My specific topic of interest within health care is Indigenous Health, and the barriers and complexities that stand in the way of equitable care for the Indigenous people of Canada. This specific interest began when I started volunteering at the Wabano Aboriginal Health Centre when I was in high school, and grew as I gained further opportunity to work with First Nation and Inuit communities.

Why are you so obsessed with Hallowe’en? What will you be doing on October 31?

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up in costumes – it’s kind of a creative outlet for me since I usually make my own costumes and makeup! I also absolutely love horror movies, getting spooked every once in a while keeps you on your toes.

This year on Hallowe’en I will be supporting the CARE Course for Rural Residents being hosted in Vancouver, and most certainly will be in costume!