Share your ideas about rural heath innovation with us!

Dr. Bob Woollard (left) speaking about rural networks as an innovation. Most participants provided input, ideas about innovation via a World Cafe (right).

On May 26, 2016, the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) hosted a symposium, inviting stakeholders from across the province to discuss facilitation and support of rural healthcare innovation. By sharing existing solutions and bringing together stakeholders who rarely/never have the opportunity to collaborate, RCCbc hopes to create a network that will populate healthcare innovation throughout the province, in both rural and urban practices.

  • Overall response from symposium participants was that there is significant positive innovation occurring in rural BC and that people in the health care system are proud of what they are doing.
  • Overall, participants felt excited, upbeat and positive about their ability to build on existing innovation.
  • Participants felt better having connected with the many stakeholders at the May event and felt strongly that improving how we work together is critical to success.

We’d like to hear from rural stakeholders regarding next steps. Immediately below are those being considered.  Have a look and, as you read the summary document from the Rural Innovators Symposium, think about if these suggestions make sense to you, if you have other ideas, and/or if you have ideas regarding specific implementation of the proposed next steps.


Proposed next steps:

  1. Get feedback! (comments on the document, other thoughts about the symposium)
  2. Ongoing communication aimed at sharing what is happening, what is working, what would help in terms of supporting effective innovation in rural health services. We’d like this to involve people and organizations from all pentagram partners (see the summary). Proposed ideas include:
    1. A newsletter to highlight activities that are or support innovation in rural health services.
    2. A web based platform that is able to broaden what is highlighted and to facilitate interaction between individuals/groups/organizations involved.
    3. Podcast mini-series to highlight specific subjects discussed at the symposium.
    4. Future forums to create further interaction between the partners involved. This could include broad forums (like the one held) or more focused ones or both.
    5. Development of a navigator function. Creating the capacity to guide people to ideas/people/organizations that can assist them to improve rural health services.
    6. Leading this work. What format would help to lead this work forward that is inclusive of all partners?

Please send your comments, including ways that you’d like to contribute, to Sharon Mah, Communications Manager, RCCbc at