ESCAPE Course supports FP anesthetist training

Submitted by Dr. Kirk McCarroll,  FPA Network Lead, RCCbc

The ESCAPE Course (Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies) is two-day, high fidelity simulation program, designed and delivered by family practice anesthesiologists (FPA). It focuses on building team dynamics to optimize crisis resource management in the rural perioperative setting.

One of the challenges of providing surgical care in a rural hospital is being prepared to effectively manage a multitude of diverse perioperative emergencies that present infrequently due to a low-volume setting. The main objective of the course is to bring high quality simulation to rural hospitals and provide an opportunity for perioperative care teams to practice management of these infrequently encountered emergent scenarios. It was designed for anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and other practitioners who participate in patient care in a rural hospital with surgical services.  Simulations will take place in the operating room and other critical care environments and will focus on caring for patients who would typically be resuscitated by providers with advanced skills in this field.

Drs. Jane Bishop, Bruce McKnight and Rob Kobayashi are leading the development of the outreach ESCAPE course with financial support from the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) and REAP, and with assistance of Dr. James Kim and Ms Karen Schafer from the Lions Gate Simulation Strategy. The course has purchased a Sim Man 3G mannequin and the Blue Phantom central line/regional anesthesia trainer, both of which will be available for use by FPAs across the province. Several practice sessions were held in Sechelt, Revelstoke, and Golden with great reviews.

The course has been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 8 Mainpro+ credits. 

To learn more about ESCAPE, visit the UBC CPD web site or contact Allison at