Three online journal clubs for rural family practitioners

submitted by UBC Continuing Professional Development

This fall, UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) will run three online journal clubs for rural family physicians: Rural Emergency Medicine, Sexual Health, and Rural Family Practice Anesthesiology. Each club is accredited for up to 12.0 Mainpro+ credits, with the emergency medicine and family practice anesthesiology clubs also eligible for 12.0 MOC Section 1 credits. These will run until Spring 2017. Participants are encouraged to register ahead of the first session which begins on October 24, 2016.

Online journal clubs are very popular with rural practitioners, offering accessibility to a discussion platform that is open anytime and anywhere from any device. Members of the online journal club review a new article every five weeks and contribute to an on-going online discussion, which is facilitated by a peer moderator with subject matter expertise.

UBC CPD has hosted online journal clubs since 2011, beginning with the Specialist Journal Club in Internal Medicine, which ran until 2014. We are currently developing a new iteration of this club. Rural Emergency Medicine, in its third iteration this year, welcomes all physicians providing emergency medicine care in rural BC and small urban areas to join. The Sexual Health Forum, in its second year, is aimed at rural family physicians (but is also open to urban physicians and nurse practitioners) who would like to acquire knowledge, strategies and skills to improve sexual health care delivery and to think critically about issues related to sexual health. Lastly, in its first year, the Rural Family Practice Anesthesiology Club encourages family practice anesthetists (FPAs) from both rural and small urban areas to join a digital learning community to discuss relevant FPA articles with physicians from across the province in an entirely online platform.

Past participants have been pleased with the platform’s ease of use: “the online component is so simple and easy to use” and features a “centralized area for specific topics and affiliated area for dialogue”. Physicians have expressed that they “like the challenge of considering studies [they] would ordinarily pass by” and appreciate the benefit of discussion on stimulating content:” [it is] very good to see how the practice can vary or get enriched with increase discussion over these topics”.

If you are interested in registering one of the three accredited online journal clubs, please visit the course pages: Rural Emergency MedicineSexual Health, and Rural Family Practice Anesthesiology. You can register at anytime before the first session which will begin on October 24, 2016.