Rural preceptors urgently needed for Year 3 MD rural clerkships

The UBC Department of Family Practice (DFP) is urging all available rural physician preceptors to consider taking Year 3 MD students for a Rural Clerkship this summer.

There is a substantial shortfall of rural preceptors for this year’s Year 3 MD student Rural Clerkship program at UBC DFP. This shortage – if not addressed – could to lead to loss of the rural rotation in the MD undergrad curriculum, being replaced instead by an urban rotation for the upcoming school year. Studies have shown that early exposure to rural practice and training increases the likelihood of an MD student choosing a career in rural medicine. These are your potential future rural colleagues!

If you have the capacity to take on one or more Year 3 Rural Clerkship students, please contact Leslie Carty at as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support of rural medical education!