REAP support for transitioning into rural locuming

REAP-LogoAre you interested in becoming a rural locum? If you are a new graduate, an IMG, or a physician transitioning out of full-time practice who is interested in entering rural practice, you may be eligible for funding support from the Rural Education Action Plan (REAP).

The Rural Skills Upgrade Program (RSUP) is a REAP funded initiative that provides physicians interested in rural locuming access to funding for skills enhancement training. Successful applicants will be paired with a preceptor. While physicians are encouraged to train with preceptors they know, Mrs. Lisa Oliver, REAP Administrator, notes that REAP can help successful applicants if they don’t have any contacts. “We can connect [learners] with preceptors who have worked with REAP trainees in the past.”

When asked what kind of training experience RSUP participants can expect to have, Oliver explains that the learning structure is shaped by the applicant’s educational needs. “Some physicians prefer a regional experience, while others prefer to train in a high-volume urban setting or a combination of both.   We’ve designed the program to be flexible to accommodate each learner’s unique training needs.”

Before applying for RSUP, physicians must be accepted into one of the Rural GP Locum Program, the Rural GPA Locum Program, or the Rural Specialist Locum Program. All applicants must be willing to complete a return of service to the locum program within one year of completion of training. Trainees may receive up to 20 days of funding through the RSUP for skills enhancement training. The return of service will be twice as long as the training commitment.

Funding provided through RSUP includes a stipend to cover income loss as well as travel and accommodation expenses. Training may be completed prior to providing any service to the locum programs.

Please note that while funding for courses and conferences is not available through RSUP, locum physicians may access funding for selected courses through REAP’s Rural GP Locum CME Program.  Locum physicians may also be eligible for funding to complete the San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program, an online course delivered by the Provincial Health Services Authority.

To learn more about RSUP and other REAP programs, please contact the REAP Program Assistant at or call 604-827-1504.