This Changed My Rural Practice: Call for contributors

Rural physicians with an interest in showcasing their roles as educators as well as sharing their clinical experiences and knowledge with peers are invited to contribute to a new UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development (RCPD) program, “This Changed My Rural Practice” (TCMRP).

The TCMRP program is a “spinoff” of the successful “This Changed My Practice” CME program which produces monthly articles written by physicians for physicians and involves collaborative learning via online reading and interactive discussions. UBC RCPD’s TCMRP program will produce content that is rurally-relevant – contributors will be able to discuss evidence-based practices or may choose to highlight a clinical rural community best practice (process, procedure, or interaction) with their peers.

Physicians interested in writing an article for TCMRP should focus on creating a document that can be read in four to five minutes, and that answers the following three questions:

  1. what I did before
  2. what changed my practice
  3. what I do now


  1. what care gaps or frequently asked questions you have noticed
  2. data that answers these questions or gaps
  3. what you recommend

Practitioners contributing to TCMRP will receive an honorarium and may also earn teaching CME credits for eligible articles. Writing support for contributors is available during the development of articles.

To learn more about how to become a contributor for “This Changed My Rural Practice,” please contact:

Laura Beamish
604-875-4111 x 66089 (office)
604-902-6445 (cell)

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