BC Rounds Calendar enables Grand Rounds access via webconferencing

submitted by UBC Rural CPD

Want to attend UBC Rounds events this year? Do you know you can attend from any device with an internet connection? The BC Rounds Calendar is a shared online calendar (managed by UBC Division of Continuing Professional Development) that enables physicians and clinical faculty from across BC to more easily find and connect to rounds for participating UBC Departments. Currently there are 17 rounds available to access, with more coming soon.

As part of Distributed Academic Rounds service, the BC Rounds Calendar serves to improve physician access to academic rounds in BC by centralizing information about rounds events. Physicians can identify rounds events they are interested in using the central calendar, and then determine the most appropriate attendance option for them. This may be a pre-booked videoconference room or via VC Anywhere (internet-based video connection) using their personal device from anywhere in the province.

If you have questions about the BC Rounds Calendar, please contact the BC Rounds Calendar Administrator at roundscalendar.cpd@ubc.ca.

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