UBC Division of Global Health seeks to engage, collaborate with RCCbc, rural practitioners


Submitted by Qian Zhang, Research Assistant, Division of Global Health

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) is working with UBC’s Division of Global Health within the Department of Family Practice, seeking learning and collaboration opportunities to improve rural health care provision from a global perspective.

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The Division of Global Health, directed by Dr. Videsh Kapoor, was launched in 2002 to develop a shared vision of Global Health programming for the UBC Faculty of Medicine. It aims to provide opportunities, support, and guidance for education, research, and service activities. It also aims to demonstrate social accountability towards creating health equity and reducing health disparities globally.

When addressing health disparities in low resource communities, health professionals, leaders, students, and other rural health stakeholders may step into the same paths as their global health counterparts. Engaging with global health communities offers a broad and valuable vision in resolving rural health problems and develops synergistic and beneficial relationships between health care providers. Meanwhile, rural health professionals offer diverse knowledge and skill set that can be shared within a community of global health practice both locally and abroad.

Fruitful activities and programs under the Division of Global Health could provide good learning and collaboration opportunities for interested rural stakeholders. Some of the Division’s key ongoing activities include:

Global Health eNEWS: This quarterly newsletter was launched earlier this month by the Division of Global Health with the support of RCCbc, UBC Clinical Global Health Network and UBC Global Health Initiative. It aims to: provide information about global health activities, courses and lectures; share ideas; and, seek collaborations. Learn more and subscribe here.

Global Health Online Journal Club: Initiated by rural residents looking for ways to stay connected with a global health community, this journal club links together BC stakeholders with global health interests for global health discussions. Learn more.

Global Health Elective Database: This database allows students, residents, physicians and faculty to search for and contribute global health activities including: electives, projects, service-learning activities, and volunteer opportunities. Rural health professionals are invited to join to either learn and/or share teaching resources. Learn more.

Bilateral (Canada and Zimbabwe) Healthcare Capacity Building Initiative: Established by Dr. Ray Markham, a rural GP from Zimbabwe now practicing in Valemount BC, this initiative focuses on mutual learning and building relationships in the healthcare context between rural BC and local communities in Zimbabwe. Learn more.

Global Health Flexible Online Curriculum: This project is currently in development and aims to provide a comprehensive and flexible online resource for global health education. The curriculum can be adapted by multiple stakeholders, including rural health professionals, students and administrators, to support individual learning or curricular global health activities. Learn more.

To engage with the Division of Global Health, visit the Division’s website, or stay in touch with the Division by subscribing to the Global Health eNEWS. Questions or suggestions are always welcome – contact us at ubcmed.gh@gmail.com

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