Really Rural Surgery podcast now available on iTunes, other services

Rustic Paper Logo_sidebarDr. Bret Batchelor’s monthly podcast, Really Rural Surgery – which discusses key academic surgical journal articles from a rural Canadian perspective – is now available for free download and/or subscription at the iTunes podcast store.

Batchelor has produced four episodes covering carpal tunnel surgeries, vasectomies, and the use of misoprostol for treating retained placenta during delivery. Two guest commentators, Dr. Nicole Ebert (episode 3) and Dr. Bill Ford (episode 4), have already been featured in the podcast series. “There is a great app which makes it easy for me to conduct a high quality interview via cell phone for the podcast,” says Batchelor, “so I can conduct an interview with ESS family physicians from across the country.” Batchelor also notes that he has other methods for interviewing international contributors to his show.

If you would like to propose a paper for discussion on the podcast, please email Dr. Batchelor at

In addition to be downloaded from the iTunes stores, each episode of Really Rural Surgery may be streamed online at

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