Choices in Practice and Parenting initiative addresses practitioner work-life balance

IMG_7778_lores Plenary session at the 2014 RECC conference in Penticton, BC

When the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) launched its “Mothers in Medicine” initiative in 2013, it was embraced as a welcome resource for female physicians. The pilot program focused on engaging female practitioners on balancing the demands of a family with a full-time medical practice, and discussing strategies for achieving work-life balance.

While feedback from participants during the pilot phase of the project was primarily positive, there were several requests that the group include the voices of male physicians, other healthcare professionals, and non-physician spouses and/or partners in the Mothers in Medicine discussions. The information was found to be valuable and relevant to all practitioners and parents (or aspiring parents) looking for new ways to achieve and maintain the best quality of life possible in a very busy and demanding schedule.

Subsequently, RCCbc is now changing the name of the “Mothers in Medicine” initiative to “Choices in Practice and Parenting” to better reflect the diverse groups participating in the discussions being held within the forum.

Choices in Practice and Parenting will continue to look at ways to support healthcare professionals and their spouses/partners in achieving a balance between the demands of their lives and their medical practices. In 2015, RCCbc will host another discussion forum – likely at its 2015 Rural Emergency Continuum of Care (RECC) conference. Details of the forum will be published in the early months of 2015 in BC Rural Update – watch this space!

To learn more about Choices in Practice and Parenting, visit the RCCbc’s web site, or email Dr. Tracey Parnell or Dr. Mary Johnston for more information at

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