The SIM Course

The SIM course was designed by Dr. Jeff Plant with the support of Interior Health in the mid-2000s. His focus was threefold:

  • To deliver rural education in rural communities so that practitioners didn’t have to travel for CME
  • To create team-based CME that teaches learners how important each part of the healthcare team is for delivery of care
  • To establish a base level of knowledge and skill with critical care for rural providers that is commensurate with what is found in urban ERs

The process for delivering SIM is simple and straightforward: the high fidelity mannequin (named Stan) is introduced to the learners; a scenario is conducted; a debriefing follows the conclusion of the scenario; homework (if necessary) is assigned.

Plant built the course based on his experience with teaching off-service residents who were providing service in rural emergency departments. The course covers several key contact areas: trauma management, airway management, chest pain, shortness of breath, toxicology. Cases used for the scenarios were built on these key presentations. Says Plant, “it’s not all procedures and it’s not all trauma. The learning was a lot about team management and less on pure knowledge. The hands on teamwork in the stress of the moment was where key learnings occurred.”

The SIM course is currently only offered by the Interior Health Authority. It is led by Dr. Tara Gill.

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