The SEMP Course

Simulated Emergency Medical Procedures (SEMP) is a course designed by Dr. Afshin Khazei to provide training for critical care procedures that are not taught by either ACLS or ATLS providers.

Procedures taught in this course include:

  • Surgical airway
  • Needle cricothyrotomy
  • Transtrachael jet ventilation
  • Chest tube insertion
  • Needle decompression of the chest
  • Seldinger guide wire chest tube insertion
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis
  • Ultrasound-guided central line placement and peripheral IV placement
  • Intraosseous vascular access

A study conducted by Khazei four years ago found that there was a marked significant improvement in learner’s knowledge of the procedures pre-course versus post-course. The rate of decline of procedural knowledge varied depending on the frequency of use of the procedure in practice; however, the knowledge and ability of the practitioner never returned to the baseline level. Though the study does not look at the reason for the decline in practitioner knowledge over time after training, it could be inferred from the data Khazei collected that low volumes of practice is the main factor affecting retention of this knowledge.

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