The CARE Course wins CPD Program award from CFPC



The Comprehensive Approach to Rural Emergencies (CARE) Course is being recognized as one of the top continuing professional development (CPD) programs by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in 2013.

Led by Drs. Jel Coward and Rebecca Lindley of Pemberton, BC on behalf of the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), the course uses a variety of team-based approaches to train rural physicians, nurses, and paramedics in select emergency procedures. This innovative course is delivered in-community, using the rural group’s own equipment and facilities. It focuses on building communication within the rural interprofessional team, as well as developing and/or honing skills through simulation and customised live scenario exercises.

The CARE Course is supported by dedicated faculty and support staff who all work to ensure that the course is an accessible, rurally-relevant, and fun experience. RCCbc would like to thank the following people for their hard work, and support in making The CARE Course a success:


  • Granger Avery
  • Jel Coward
  • Rebecca Lindley
  • Francois Louw
  • David Mann
  • John Pawlovich
  • John Soles
  • Blair Stanley


  • Marg Boychuk
  • Gord Connell
  • Murray Coughtrey
  • Lynne Currie
  • Celia Evanson
  • Lora-Lee Pacheco
  • Jennifer Scott
  • Cindy Sellers
  • Katie Tulley
  • Leah Trudeau
  • Lori Verigin


  • Gary Amundsen
  • Amy Chris

Support staff

  • Leslie Carty
  • Elisa Chow
  • Courtney Ellerman
  • Lisa Fox
  • Paul Kendal

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