JSC funds indigenous cultural competency training for rural physicians

Moose Cutting_web Dr. John Pawlovich helping Takla Landing residents prepare moose meat after a successful hunt.

The Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) is providing one-time funding of $100,000 to enable rural physicians access to cultural competency training that supports better healthcare delivery for rural First Nations and Aboriginal patients.

“Cultural competency of rural physicians who interact with First Nations and Aboriginal peoples is an essential component to offering more culturally appropriate and safe health services, leading to better health outcomes,” said Joe Gallagher, CEO of the First Nations Health Authority.

The online Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) training program was developed by the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and is designed to increase knowledge and strengthen the skills of healthcare providers who work both directly and indirectly with First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples. “Indigenous Cultural Competency participants learn about historical aspects like residential schools and Indian hospitals as well as context for understanding social inequities, with a goal of building strong communication and relationship skills,” said Leslie Varley, Aboriginal health director, PHSA.

Two of PHSA’s cultural competency courses are eligible for JSC funding: ICC Health, and ICC Mental Health.

Rural physicians wishing to participate in ICC training can learn more at www.rccbc.ca/education/icc-training.

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