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RCCbc Launches Island Node to Support Rural Physicians

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC, in partnership with Island Health, has added another dynamic team to its ever-growing roster of health care supports.  The Island Node team is here to empower rural physicians to transform health care in their communities. RCCbc’s Robyn Ellsworth explains how the Island Node team can support rural physicians in your community! 

RCCbc’s New “Rural Patient Health Record” Project Puts Patients at Centre of Health Journeys 

In British Columbia’s complex healthcare system, rural patients often access disparate services from multiple providers, making it difficult to access or manage their own medical information. To enable patients to easily access and manage their medical recordsthe Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) launched a new Rural Personal Health Record (PHR) project in 2020. Project Manager, Jess Rothenburger, tells us all about it. Find out how the the rPHR project could help rural patients to more easily access and manage their medical records.

Duncan ER Team Puts Teamwork at Heart of Their Care

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC’s Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC (QTC4RBC) pilot project is helping a Duncan Emergency Room team find ways to make positive changes to the system during challenging times. Learn how QTC4RBC has helped the Duncan ER team to improve culturally safe care. 

Meet the RCCbc Team in Our Spotlight Series

In RCCbc’s ‘Team Spotlight’ series, our team members tell us what they do, why they do it, and how they help improve the health of rural people and communities in British Columbia.

This month, we introduce you to Katrina Bepple, who tells us how she got involved with RCCbc, and to Olivia Cheng, who shares her next bucket list item. (Hint: It involves bikes.)




BMJ Open Article Showcases ‘Pentagram Partnership Plus’ Approach
A newly-published BMJ Open article co-published by researchers at RCCbc, First Nations Health Authority, and UBC Medicine explains how the ‘Partnership Pentagram Plus’ approach, appreciative inquiry, and deliberative dialogue bring practical and positive change to rural and Indigenous communities in British Columbia to address health inequities. Congratulations, Ray Markham, Bob Woollard, Nelly Oelke, David Snadden, Megan Hunt, Roger Strasser, Georgia Betkus, and Scott Graham on this publication.

JCEHP Study Examines Physician Engagement in Clinical Coaching
Researchers, including Drs. Bob Bluman and Kirstie Overhill, have published a new study in the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, which assesses “the types of change physicians pursue through clinical coaching and the impact of context on their desired changes.” Results from the study indicate that “the current focus on acquiring new knowledge through CPD may miss important learning that involves subtle shifts in practice as well as learning that focusses on systems change.”

Learn & Connect

TUFH 2022: Call for Abstracts Now Open
The Rural Coordination Centre of BC, The Network: Towards Unity for Health, and the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council are proudly co-hosting The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) 2022 Canada conference from August 16–19, 2022, in Vancouver under the theme, “Moving Forward Together: Unity for Health for All”. 

Aricia De Kempeneer, Program Manager with The Network: Towards Unity for Health, explains why people should attend the TUFH 2022: “As the pandemic unifies us across the globe, it’s important to come together next August in Vancouver to unite our strengths. TUFH 2022 will provide opportunities for diverse people from around the world with a passion for improving health to learn, teach, and network, and to explore Indigenous cultures and healthcare.”

Would you like to present at TUFH 2022? The call for abstracts is now open! Submit your idea for an oral presentation, workshop, TUFH Talk, or TUFH Documentary by February 28, 2022. This step-by-step video will guide you through the abstract submission process.

BCPSQC’s Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action Webinar to Feature RTVS

Dr. Brydon Blacklaws and Katrina Bepple from the Rural Coordination Centre of BC will give an overview and demonstration of the Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) service during this webinar on December 16, from 12–1 p.m. RTVS pathways enhance health equity in rural, remote, and First Nations communities by connecting rural healthcare providers and patients to RTVS Virtual Physicians via Zoom or telephone. The presentation will highlight the continued expansion of supports that RTVS provides. Learn how this could be a tool for your team!

LINK to register: https://bcpsqc.ca/event/team-up-tools-for-teams-real-time-virtual-supports-for-bc/

Resident doctors interested in rural medicine are invited to take part in December’s Resident RTVS Rounds. Drs. Jim Christenson and Frank Sheuermeyer will speak about the BC Emergency Medicine Network and cardiac management on December 3, from 1–2 p.m.  No registration is required and the link to the session is available at: https://rccbc.ca/rtvs/resident-rtvs-rounds/

Fine-tune Your Point-of-Care Ultrasound Skills! 

For the PoCUS curious, register for the Rural Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) Rounds! In partnership with UBC CPD, this interactive series aims to improve skills, confidence, and build a community of practice with rural physicians and healthcare providers, and to improve better patient care. Dr. Virginia Robinson, who will discuss Ocular Ultrasound for our last session of the year on December 17, from 12–1 p.m. This free session is eligible for up to 1.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 per session. More information sessions for 2022 will be announced soon.

Need tips in PoCUS Practice Support? Dr. Virginia Robinson, RCCbc’s PoCUS physician lead, offers a free PoCUS Practice Support Hour every Tuesday from 8–9 a.m. for rural physicians, midwives, and other healthcare providers with access to a ultrasound probe. Drop in to speak with Dr. Robinson and learn tips to improve your ultrasound skills. Click here to join the ongoing Tuesday sessions.

Keep Learning with UBC Rural CPD

UBC’s Rural CPD is gearing up for more educational opportunities for rural healthcare providers in December. Upcoming webinars include presentations on airway management, virtual exam perspectives and obesity.

Providers can also register for our ongoing Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) and Personal Learning Plans. CAMP fosters peer support in rural practitioner networks to improve your practice, increase your confidence, and connect you to other rural physicians. Personal Learning Plans helps create a learning plan for your specific needs and goals, connects you with educational and funding resources, and develops your professional network and community support systems.

Learn more about these exciting opportunities below:

Dec 3 (Fri) | BC Virtual Health Grand Rounds: Virtual Exam Perspectives from CPSBC and Rheumatology
Dec 17 (Fri) | Rural Rounds: Treating Obesity as a Disease
Ongoing | Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP)
Ongoing | Personal Learning Plans


Rural Healthcare Opportunities Await

Would you like to build relationships with others to improve the health of rural people and communities in British Columbia? Check out our careers page for current job openings.

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