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Mark Your Calendars for the 2021 BC Rural Health Conference

Need something to look forward to during these pandemic-laden winter months? Look no further. Circle May 29 and 30 on your calendar for the 2021 BC Rural Health Conference (RHC). From inspiring plenaries to hands-on skill-building workshops for rural health providers, find out what organizers have in store for you at RHC 2021. Read more!

New Network is “SPRuCe-ing Up” Connections Between Pediatric Providers

Networks can be mighty powerful. Author Michele Jennae wrote that they “…connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” And that’s exactly what a new network for pediatric providers—“Sustainable Pediatric Rural Care” (SPRuCe)—aims to do in our province. Find out how you can join SPRuCe and register for its free, four-part MOC-accredited virtual CME series for pediatric providers, starting December 2. Read the story…

An “Exchange of Pace”: Dynamic Conference Showcases Outstanding Rural Health Research in BC

Twenty-six rapid-style presentations. One dialogue session. Three Zoom rooms. Four hours. The BC Rural Health Research Exchange (BCRHRx) on November 18 was enough to make any event organizer or moderator sweat. Find out what researchers and partners presented and discussed during this dynamic, informative event and where you can find videos of the rapid-fire presentations. Go to story!

Introducing a New Monthly Newsletter Feature: Innovation Station

This month, we’re introducing a new feature in our newsletter, called “Innovation Station”. It’s our chance to tell you about one of more than 100 (and counting) innovations—creative solutions—that rural BC communities have developed to address local healthcare challenges. All innovations shared by local organizations are available on RCCbc’s newly-launched Innovations website, curated by our Rural Site Visits project team as they visit all 201 RSA communities in BC. In our first instalment of “Innovation Station”, find out how the Northern Medical Program is driving good health home to truckers by meeting them exactly where they are. Read the story…

RCCbc Receives Pacific Northwest Spirit Award for Excellence in Partnership

We were recently honoured to receive a Pacific Northwest (PNW) Spirit Award for Partnership from the PNW Division of Family Practice. The Awards, which are modelled after the rare and elusive Spirit Bear, honour and celebrate individuals or groups that bring the spirit of the Pacific Northwest to their work in promoting community health and wellness. We’re thrilled and humbled. Read more about the awards here! 

UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development Adapts & Expands Course Offerings During COVID-19

The pandemic is challenging. But our partners over at UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development have risen to the challenge this past year and not only adapted—but expanded—course offerings for today’s virtual world. Read their article here…

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