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Rural Scholars, left to right: Dr. Marisa Collins; Dr. Dietrich Furstenburg; Dr. Tandi Wilkinson

Rural Doctors’ UBC Chair in Rural Health recruits three Rural Scholars

Submitted by Dr. Dave Snadden

Rural research is becoming increasingly important as our health systems evolve – there is a need to obtain relevant evidence for rural practice in rural areas, as policies and protocols based on urban research frequently don¹t translate well to rural practice. Read the profiles of each Rural Scholar

Northern BC researchers show telehealth most effective when supported by in-person visits, relationships

A group of Northern BC researchers published a study in the BC Medical Journal (BCMJ) suggesting that the benefits of telehealth increase when combined with face-to-face physician visits, and when a relationship exists with a specific physician and a primary care home. Learn more about this study

Join GPs, ESS family physicians in January for CME/CPD

Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) family physicians and general practitioners are convening in Banff, Alberta once again this January to partake in several CME/CPD offerings specifically geared towards rural emergency medicine and rural surgery providers. Register now for these rural surgical/emergency medicine courses

Bring your OR Nurse to ESS Program in Jan

Following very positive evaluations after the 2017 event, RNs are invited, and sponsored, to return to the ESS Program in Banff in 2018. In addition to attending the Wednesday and Thursday dinner programs and Thursday morning sessions, there will be a Thursday lunch/networking meeting followed by dedicated program stream for rural OR Nursing. Read more about how the ESS Program can benefit OR Nurses on rural surgical teams

UBC Rural CPD seeking an Associate Medical Director

Submitted by UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development

UBC Rural CPD is currently recruiting an Associate Medical Director to work with our team for one half day per week (0.5 days). Find out more about this role

#WalkOnTheRuralSide – Valemount Healthcare Team

The Valemount Healthcare Team is very serious about building relationships with patients and with each other. Read the whole story here

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